Continue to Enjoy Your Favorite Foods

Quite often, making the decision to make healthier food choices can be difficult. After all, there are so many options when it comes to delicious food. You definitely want something that is going to taste great even if it isn’t very healthy.

Thankfully, technology is improving which means there are plenty of options to enjoy delicious food without having to sacrifice by eating too many calories. Think for a moment how nice it will be to still be able to enjoy a healthy menu without having to feel guilty about the things that you have consumed.

Many people are under the impression that they are no longer able to enjoy cookies because they are watching their weight. Unfortunately, by avoiding these foods, it is likely that they will be consumed more often. The body is going to crave certain things. Rather than giving them up altogether, come up with a plan to enjoy these foods in a healthy manner.

Take the time to learn more about Hampton Creek today. This is a line of foods that has been very popular when it comes to those who are trying to live a vegan lifestyle. If this is a diet which does not include animal products including eggs, this is definitely a product that should be considered. It is very healthy and it is going to taste amazing.

Many people are surprised to learn that this is a company who has cookie dough, brownie mix, and even pancake mix. Of course, they are well known for their mayonnaise and their salad dressings. If this sounds like something that would be beneficial to learn more about, don’t hesitate to visit this website today.

Thankfully, these products are also available in many grocery stores. Visit the website today to look at the different locations and find out whether or not there is something in your area. This is something that is going to change the way you feel about eating healthy foods. You deserve to enjoy something delicious every now and then. Don’t deprive your body of foods that it may be craving. Otherwise, you may end up eating too much.

Hampton Creek Has a CNBC Article Every Consumer Should Read

The innovative food product development company hampton creek has a CNBC article where the events of a recent lawsuit were described. They were in the midst of a battle to create common food products using unusual recipes. Their methods had drawn attention from production giants who did not appreciate competition from small businesses who want to see the food industry work differently. The suit was eventually dropped and the company has continued with their original path.

That path is one that has astounded many who have tried their products. The company is not unique in their desire to use natural, organic ingredients in their food. They are not the only one that is producing vegan products or gluten-free foods. What they are, however, is the first to look for ways to substitute plant-based products into foods that people have never considered before.

This means eliminating eggs in mayonnaise, cookie dough and cake mixes. This is not because they could not find organic eggs or because they were a company of vegetarians who were determined to force the world into following their diet plans. What they have been seeking to accomplish is to prove that people can eat healthy and delicious foods, and even while keeping their bodies nourished, they can avoid causing damage to the planet.

It has been known for decades that raising plants is better for the environment than raising animals for the food industry. Cattle, pigs and many other animals require an enormous amount of space, food, water and time to raise. A similar amount of nutrition can be obtained from plant sources using only a small fraction of the natural resources that animal products need. In addition, diets that include too much meat can lead to obesity, heart disease and a number of other health concerns.

To feed the population effectively and reduce hunger, lower costs and save the planet is a lofty goal, but it is one the company is taking on. They are currently working to catalog new and underused plants to review how they can be incorporated into recipes to make old favorites a little more sustainable and healthy. It has drawn attention, maybe not always flattering opinions from their competitors, but rave reviews from their happy clientele.

Some Benefits Of A Plant-Based Diet

Doctors and nutrition experts strongly advocate a plant-based diet. They say that eating more plants than meat can help you lose weight or remain at a healthy weight. Furthermore, avoiding the saturated fat and cholesterol in animal products can help you avoid problems like age-related high blood pressure and heart disease. However, better health is not the only benefit of a plant-based diet. Here are some of the other ways that eating more plants can make the world a better place.

For one thing, plant farming is a more sustainable type of agriculture than animal farming. Animal farming consumes far more land and water resources, making meat too expensive for people to consume in many parts of the world. Consider the fact that a farmer needs to plant grains and keep them watered in order to feed the animal that eventually becomes meat. In fact, it takes 15 pounds of grain to produce just one pound of beef.

Plant farming is also less harmful to the environment than livestock farming. Livestock farming pollutes the environment through emission of greenhouse gases; in fact, livestock farming is responsible for 51% of greenhouse gases, according to the Worldwatch Institute. In addition, livestock waste pollutes the ground and nearby rivers and streams. Chicken houses vent a great deal of ammonia into the air, a toxic gas formed when chicken waste reacts with a bacteria in their litter.

Another benefit of eating plants is that you are not participating in animal cruelty. Livestock animals like pigs and chickens are often confined in small crates so that they never know freedom of movement. Their sores and illnesses are untreated so that their lives are spent in suffering, and their deaths can be frightening and painful. A “cage free” label doesn’t guarantee that chickens can enjoy a free and happy life; they are still likely to live mainly in the confines of an aviary, and many still die from health problems associated with confinement.

If you are interested in learning more about healthy plant-based foods, check out this article about Hampton Creek. They are a food technology company that is dedicated to food production practices that are healthy and sustainable.

Learning The Secrets About Foods

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Animal-Free Food Products Can Help Save the Planet

The need for healthy food is a global problem, and there are few options currently available to solve the growing food crisis. Most of the planet depends on animals for food products, which creates a great deal of issues and expense. As a result, millions of people go without sufficient food each day due to a lack of resources or money. This problem could be solved if there was less dependence on animal products in the food industry. Hampton Creek and their increasing line of animal-free products are aiming to change the way that the food industry works. By using only vegetables in their many products, this company is providing a model for others to follow. Find more Hampton Creek info here to learn how vegetable-based food can save the planet.

Using animals to manufacture foods for human consumption places a huge strain on the planet. The resources needed to handle the raising and sheltering of livestock around the planet create a huge problem for the environment. In addition, cows, chickens and other livestock create a great deal of pollution and waste that damage the Earth’s delicate ozone layer and environment. In many cases, animals aren’t given enough space to live and grow, and they may be subject to unsanitary, inhuman living conditions. A much more humane and environmentally sound way to produce food is to use only vegetable products. By limiting the use of animals for foods, people can ensure better treatment for livestock and help heal the planet, as well.

Hampton Creek set out to alter the way that the food service industry and consumer goods uses animals in their products. They are currently manufacturing a line of animal-free products that can be used worldwide. Major food service companies have already begun using these Hampton Creek products, and they are now being sold at retail stores across the US. Though the company started with its first product, Just Mayo, and grew slowly, they just released a wide variety of new products. Brownie mix, salad dressing and more are now available that don’t contain any animal products at all. By using this type of vegetable-based product, people can better protect the environment and animal rights.

4 Ways a Plant-Based Diet Can Stop Heart Disease

Much has already been discovered about the health benefits of a vegan diet, but the great news is that meat-eaters don’t have to completely abstain to reap the rewards. A simple reduction in the amount of animal-based foods in the diet can lower one’s risk of hypertension and other conditions. Below is some information from Hampton Creek on how plant-based foods can help to protect one from heart disease.

Lower Saturated Fat Content = Less Disease Risk

Saturated fats are those filled with hydrogen, and they’re usually solid when kept at room temperature. They’re commonly found in animal products such as cheese, butter, beef and full-fat dairy, but they’re also found in certain plant-based oils. According to the AHA, a diet high in saturated fats can increase blood-borne cholesterol levels, which can in turn raise one’s risk of stroke and heart disease. Dieters should eat four or five servings each of vegetables and fruits, up to eight servings of whole grains and only up to six ounces of meat each day.

It’s Safe to Remove Fatty Meats From the Diet Completely

The human body requires small amounts of cholesterol for normal function, but most people make enough without adding it by eating fatty meats. There’s no cholesterol in a plant-based diet, which can lower the risk of heart attack, stroke and heart disease. Dieters can achieve lower cholesterol levels by replacing saturated fat with the unsaturated varieties found in foods like nuts, olive oil and avocados.

Lower Obesity Risk

Eating meats and other foods high in saturated fat can increase a person’s risk of Type 2 diabetes, which can in turn increase the risk of stroke and heart disease at earlier ages. Even if a meat-eater makes minor changes, they can lose weight and cut calories, which can lower the overall risk of obesity and related conditions.

Go Vegan for Added Nutrients

Many of the nutrients available in vegan diets are beneficial to the heart. Veggies and fruits are antioxidant-rich, and they’re also full of phytochemicals, plant sterols and potassium—all of which can reduce heart disease risk. When one replaces meat with plant-based foods, they not only add beneficial nutrients, but they remove harmful things from the diet.

Why Spend Money on Plant-Based Packaged Foods?

There’s more in the news these days about making alternative food products more mainstream. This has some people wondering why opting for plant-based packaged foods is such a big deal. In fact, choosing to include these types of products on the grocery list can make a huge difference for many people. Here are some of the reasons spending money on these kinds of products makes sense.

The Convenience

The whole point of purchasing packaged foods is to prepare tasty meals in less time. In an age when people work long hours, the idea of spending a lot of time in the kitchen is out of the question. Many plant-based food products make it possible to create great meals in less than a half hour. For someone who just put in a fourteen-hour work day, being able to prepare something tasty without slaving over a stove is a great thing.

More Food Choices for People With Chronic Ailments

Some people have to let go of a few of their favorite foods when they develop some type of chronic health condition. For example, a type 2 diabetic who happens to love pasta will find it hard to limit the portions. As a result, it becomes easier to move away from pasta prepared using bleached flour or any other type of grain.

That same person would benefit from exploring plant-based pasta products that contain no type of grain-based flour product. The total carbohydrates per serving would be less. Even the carbohydrates that are found in this type of pasta are more likely to come from complex carbohydrates. As a result, the impact on blood glucose levels would be less.

The Taste

There is some suspicion about these alternative packaged foods, especially in terms of their taste. That is often because people have tried other products in the past and found them wanting in terms of taste or texture.

The thing to remember is that the products of today are made using newer technology. The result is food that tastes great and is loaded with nutrients.

For people who would like to find out more about the plant-based products on the market today, take a look at the local market. There are bound to be a few choices worth trying today.

There’s a Hampton Creek Product for Every Meal

For several years, the main foods from Hampton Creek most people were familiar with were the Just Mayo and Just Cookies lines. Both products provided delicious plant-based alternatives to animal products, replacing eggs and butter with vegan ingredients. Now, Hampton Creek is poised to offer a long list of other foods that continue to provide vegan alternatives. As 2016 continues, there will be a steady stream of new products by Hampton Creek, and at least a couple will fit with each meal of the day. Here are some of the ways that these vegan options can help to liven up the three meals that most people eat.


Before long, two or more Hampton Creek breakfast products will arrive that will help to provide a great start to the morning. The company has announced a pancake mix and a muffin mix that the whole family is sure to love. Both can easily be cooked by following the simple instructions provided. It should be noted that these two products contain sorghum, an ingredient which has a naturally sweet taste. This causes the pancakes and muffins to have less refined sugar than many comparable products.


A lot of people like to have a salad or a sandwich for lunch. Either way, Hampton Creek can help with that as well. The Just Italian and Just Ranch dressings will work great on salads. Also, Hampton Creek’s innovative Just Mayo, which is an egg-free alternative to traditional mayonnaise, has proven to be wildly successful. It can add some extra flavor to sandwiches.


After eating a nutritious dinner, there is nothing wrong with having a portion of a relatively healthy dessert. Hampton Creek has released Just Cookies, which are already made and ready to be eaten. The company also makes cookie dough and mixes for cakes and brownies. With desserts like these, anyone can end the day on a guilt-free note due to having chosen a vegan dessert that is environmentally friendly.

Because of all the great vegan options that Hampton Creek already offers or will be releasing soon, vegans and all people who want to eat fewer animal products now have more choices for each meal. This is good news for everyone who wants to have healthy alternatives that will make planning meals easier.

What Almost No One Knows About Restaurants

How to Go About Finding the Best Pad Thai in Las Vegas Planning a vacation can be very exciting because it is something that typically doesn’t happen very often. Choosing where to go on that vacation can be a painstaking process because there are hundreds of gorgeous locations that offer packages for visit. Heading to a beautiful or fun location for a getaway is something that a lot of people simply can’t wait for when the countdown has begun. Saving up for this is usually the result of a lot of work and being responsible so that you can have the dream trip that you want. Las Vegas is a very famous destination for people that are from many countries. Quite a few aspects of this light-filled city make it a location that people seem to flock to. Reasons that are mentioned for attraction to Vegas are excitement-filled casinos, awesome shows featuring gymnastics and magic, and sometimes the cuisine that is being offered in the area. Visitors that are coming for the first time often only expect mediocre food choices available in huge buffets that are promoted for their cheap price. One of the most pleasant surprises that tourists find when they arrive is that there are delicious foods being offered inside various hotels and in nearby locations that are convenient. Restaurant owners and famous chefs are now recognizing this is an ideal location for opening up restaurants and some are starting to open them up right in the middle of all of the action and close to the strip so that hungry folks can find a higher class food option among the hum-drum places. Pad Thai food has quickly become a much loved food and one that people are trying to have in the city of all-night fun. Finding the best pad Thai food in Las Vegas is truly a possibility if you are willing to take the tips offered in this article and apply them to your search. Finding a nearby restaurant that has a menu featuring this food choice will be the first step in narrowing down choices.
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It will then be recommended to read up online about the restaurant and checking out reviews from other hungry visitors that have recently eaten there and read what they have to say about the taste of the food and the quality of the customer service that they were given. Heading to the eateries that have positive reviews in service and food will be a good option if you want to ensure that you have a great dining experience that reflects the best pad Thai food in Las Vegas.Businesses Tips for The Average Joe

4 Reasons to Adopt a Vegan Diet

Regardless of why one decides to go vegan, it’s a great decision. Enjoying Hampton Creek’s environmentally friendly foods make sense for health reasons, and it’s good for the environment as well. Vegan diets are real money-savers when one sticks to whole foods, because everyone knows that processed, animal-based foods are not decreasing in price. With all environmental and ethical aspects aside, this article examines some of the health benefits of a vegan diet.

Lower Weight

Keeping a healthy weight is a concern for most people, and plant-based foods can supply enough complex carbs, fiber and protein to maintain one’s weight. Plant-based foods are cholesterol-free, and they have far less saturated fat than animal-based processed foods. While one can easily gain weight on a vegan diet if it’s full of processed foods, a whole food diet full of greens, fruit, beans and moderate amounts of fat can all help one lose or maintain weight.

Less Inflammation

It’s no fun to wake up sore and achy, or to take days to recover from a workout, and both are side effects of inflammation. Animal-based foods are highly inflammatory, while plant-based foods are alkaline. Greens, fruits and sprouts can help the body maintain its alkalinity, thereby preventing inflammation and keeping one strong, flexible and healthy.

Better Digestion

Though the higher fiber content of plant foods may be difficult for some dieters to get used to, it’s healthier and much gentler on one’s digestive system. Dairy, eggs and red meat can stay in the digestive tract for days, while most plant-based materials make it through in about six hours. A plant-rich diet can help to prevent colon cancer, as well as many other conditions. Mix a variety of foods into the diet to get the greatest benefit to overall health and digestion.

Quality Sleep

Many are surprised to find that adoption of a vegan diet results in better-quality sleep. While the reasons are unknown, it is likely due to the high calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6 content in plant-based foods; these minerals all help to promote sleep naturally. Sleep is an important part of a healthier lifestyle, which makes a vegan diet a great choice for those who have trouble sleeping. There are many reasons to eat plant-based foods, though these are some of the best. With the many choices available from Hampton Creek, going vegan is easy!